Charleston Day’s 75th Anniversary

Francis Johnson graduated from Charleston Day School in 1977. Charleston Day has changed drastically between 1977 and 2011. In 1977 Charleston Day was located on State Street. It is now Located on 15 Archdale Street. Francis’s class was as big as 15 people and the building was only one story. Today we have a one story building and a brand new three story building. Now Charleston Day does not just consist of one class per grade but two. Francis’s headmaster was Ned Jaycocks. Since 2004 Brendan O’Shea has been headmaster of Charleston Day. All of the changes have made a tremendous educational impact on Charleston Day.

Charleston Day School Since 1937

There have been many students at Charleston Day School since 1937. Many are still friends today. Charleston Day School has really excelled over the years. We have moved many times, and have had many different headmasters. Our current headmaster is Brendan O’Shea. Recently this year we have had the new addition of the building. This building has benefited the students a lot. This year is very special because it is the 75th anniversary. Since Charleston Day started in 1937 in a carriage house on 48 South Battery. Charleston Day has grown tremendously over the years.

One of the former students that went to Charleston Day is named Molly Craig. Molly along with her other siblings went to Charleston Day. Molly graduated in 1983. She had a wonderful experience at Charleston Day. All of her friends she had here are still friends with her today. Charleston Day was still very small when she went. Molly has been able to watch Charleston Day grow over the years.

Charleston Day School was founded by Mary Stuart and Emily Tenney. Since then, the school has drastically changed. It first started in a small carriage house on 48 South Battery. It soon grew to five grades and moved to 21 Elliot Street, and stayed there until 1973. It then moved to 51 State Street. There, it received Edgar S. Jaycocks as headmaster. In 1986 it moved to 15 Archdale where it stands today under the leadership of Brendan J. O’Shea.


75 Years at Charleston Day School

1937- founded and opened in a carriage house at 48 South Battery

1939- moved to 21 Elliot Street and stayed until 1973

1969- chartered as a non profit corporation

1973- moved to 51 State Street
- Headmaster: Edgar “Ned’ S. Jaycocks Joins Charleston Day School

1986- moved to 15 Archdale Street

1997- Gregory J. O’Melia joins Charleston Day School as headmaster

2004- Brendan O’Shea joins Charleston Day School as headmaster
- created new playground

2011- built a new building
- built a new playground
- built a new parking lot