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1st Grade:


Every year at Charleston Day, the first graders celebrate the hundredth day of school. It is always something that the students look forward to because it is such an exciting day. A way to celebrate the hundredth day of school is that the first graders wear a t-shirt, and it is supposed to have a hundred things on it. For example, there could be a student who wears a t-shirt that has a hundred balloons drawn all over it. The first graders definitely love the hundredth day of school, not only because they get to celebrate, but they also feel proud that they have been in school for a hundred days.

Native American Pictographs

After studying Native Americans, first grade students looked at pictographs and drew some Native American symbols using Paint. Students are excited to share their drawings with friends and family. More symbols will be added when Mrs. Davis’ class finishes their drawings.

2nd Grade:

Postcards from the Mayflower

After researching and studying the Pilgrims, second grade students pretended to be passengers on the Mayflower and wrote postcards, using MS Publisher, to someone back home in England. Then students illustrated in Paint and imported their pictures onto the Publisher template. We saved them as jpgs and made them into this movie in Windows Live Movie Maker.

They shared this movie at the Fathers' Day Feast.

Grandparents Day 2012

Here is a movie made by images created by second grade students.

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The 2nd graders had lots of fun during Grandparents Day. First, their grandparents came and got name tags. Then, they shared poems with their grandparents that they had written themselves. The 2nd graders led their grandparents to science. They made scarecrow glyphs and later performed folk songs and folk rhythms during music for their grandparents. They used spoons, bones, washboards, and paper bags as instruments.

3rd Grade:

Each third grade student created a short story about one of their grandparents. They spent a lot of time reflecting on descriptive words, interesting beginnings, and dramatic narrations as they created this video to share with their grandparents. They hope that you enjoy it as well.

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This movie was created by third grade students in Ms. Plitnick's class.

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This movie was created by third grade students in Mrs. Shortridge's class.

4th Grade:

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Invention Convention

The 4th Graders have begun to focus their class on the Invention Convention, a project where the 4th graders confront a common-world problem, whether in his or her household or community, and come up with an invention in order to solve that problem. It’s a great project for the class, for it tests their creativity, ability to scavenge information, and to present their inventions in the best way with as much confidence and formality possible.

On February 20, 2013, the class began to write their problem and take notes on some of the things their inventions consist of and also some background on the problem they are confronting.

What Mrs. Frailey really tries to nail into their minds is to try to connect their problem statement to the common world, instead of just saying the problem they are trying to solve. Also, she wants them to give some reasons on why something is a problem, and not opinions.

The last thing Mrs. Frailey said before they started their research and problems in the class was to do the notes first, then the paper, and then to make the actual invention. It’s a great thing Mrs. Frailey is trying to teach the 4th graders a matter of plan, and how much it will help them complete the project and not to get frustrated.

By Basil

Lemonade Sale

Lemonade 1.jpg
Lemonade 2.jpg
Lemonade 3.jpg
Lemonade 1.jpg

5th Grade:


The Fifth Grade Speech Contest 2013

The speech contest is an annual event at Charleston Day. The fifth graders research, write, and outline a speech on a particular topic. It was started over twenty-five years ago by Dottie Rhett, the fifth grade teacher at the time. She comes to the speech contest every year. The students write their speeches and read them in front of teachers, who decide which of the speeches will be presented to the whole school in the actual contest.

The number of children in the actual contest varies. Last year, there were eight children, and this year there will be six. The children learn many new facts about their topics through the research. Although they realize how hard public speaking can be, they understand how important it is to speak in public. **

During the actual contest, six students read their speeches, one student introduces the contest, judges, and contestants, and the other students read dramatic readings. The contest is judged by three people with a connection to Charleston Day School, such as alumni, parents, grandparents, and former teachers. There is a first place, a second place, and a third place winner, but it is an honor to be in the contest. In the past three years, the winners have had great speeches. In 2010, Liza Johnson won with her speech on ice cream. On March 23, 2011, I won my fifth grade speech contest with my speech on Theodore Roosevelt. Last year, Will Marshall wrote a speech about roller coasters that won the contest.I wish all the fifth graders good luck!


Fifth Grade Trip to Williamsburg

On November 7, the fifth graders woke up at a painful time of 5:30 a.m. to get ready for their seven hour bus ride to the small town of Williamsburg, VA. The fifth graders headed to Williamsburg to learn more about the events of the Revolutionary War and to increase their knowledge about the small town.

As the fifth graders pulled up to their hotel, Woodlands Hotel, they could not hold in their excitement. The fifth graders settled in and then headed out to eat dinner. When they got back they then went to bed, but before they could really fall asleep they had pillow fights, running around their rooms, and getting all of their excitement out before the teachers had to tell them to go to bed.

The next morning the fifth graders woke up at 7:00 a.m. They then got ready for their tour of a historical jewel, Williamsburg. The fifth grader’s experience with Williamsburg included a tour guide who showed them around the old town. Then they got to see a podium that Benjamin Franklin donated to a church in Williamsburg. The class then visited Jamestown and Yorktown to learned about society back in the 1700’s. Unfortunately, after a short period of time the fifth grade had to head back to Charleston. They went back to their hotel, got their bags, and got on the bus home. They knew it was a great experience and a wonderful way to learn about their forefathers.


Patriot's Day

Patriot’s day is an event that the fifth graders have been celebrating for the past two years. This is celebrated for the purpose of learning what the children did and how they acted in the early years of our country. It has many events to it, including a play. This is an all-day event that the fifth graders enjoy and other classes will hopefully enjoy in the future.

6th Grade:

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The 6th grade class is continuing their study of Mythology and Ancient Greece by having the Olympics. To make the surroundings as similar as the Ancient Greeks had, they will have competitions such as a sprint and a musical competition. Divided into different groups, the sixth graders will compete to win prizes and honor.


6th Grade Olympics

Last Wednesday, the 6th grade drove nine hours to Huntsville, Alabama to experience what it would be like to go into outer space, Space Camp. The trip lasted two nights, and they stayed at Habitat One, a place on the Space Camp grounds. At space camp, the 6th grade was able to experience simulations of what it would be like going to Mars or just going on an outer space expedition. They also got to watch IMAX and 3D movies. They got to climb on climbing walls and pretended to be climbing on the tallest mountain on Mars. They also went on two one hour shuttle expeditions. Space camp was the experience of a lifetime and they had a great time there.

-Eliot and Collin

7th Grade:

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The 7th grade has started to read the great plays and stories of William Shakespeare, and they have enjoyed them so much, they want to perform William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, which is about the assassination of the great Julius Caesar and the consequences to the conspirators. The conspirator Brutus is noble and thinks he is doing right, while he is really tricked by the conspirator Cassius to turn on his friend Caesar. Suspense is added as Brutus must face Cassius, whom he thought to be noble and willing to help Rome, and confront him for manipulating Brutus to kill his friend Caesar. This story is a tragedy and many face death. William Shakespeare masterfully turns an historical event into a deep tragedy. The 7th grade is reading through the five acts, and they are excited to perform the amazing play.

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7th Grade Sci-Fi Stories

The science fiction stories are a project done every year by the seventh grade early in the second year. It is headed by Mrs. Wells, the seventh grade LA and history teacher and Mrs. Faulkenberry, the science teacher for the middle school.

The seventh grade think about multiple topics for their stories: Like apocalypse, advances
in science and medicine, robots, aliens, and many other topics. In order to get some ideas, they read stories made by sci-fi writers. Like Ray Bradbury, who wrote Sound of Thunder. The 7th graders also get inspiration from videos about writers who used new or unusual techniques to write their stories. Such as Robert Heinlein, who used an old Chinese prediction technique to come up with random plot advances in his story.

The 7th grade also discussed the stories deeply. In The Sound of Thunder, the class and Mr. Willits along with Mrs. Wells had a long discussion about what Bradbury was trying to get through to the readers. The point of sci-fi stories the class learned was to try to explain how curiosity or advances in science have their benefits and drawbacks.


Team Work Adventure

James Island  2.PNG

What is team work? On January 25th, the seventh grade got to experience a fun way of showing team work on a field trip to James Island Counter Park. We had lots of fun working together as a team in the games there. Many different games were laid out in the field there and we did each one in the morning.
It was very cold outside so we were to wear warm clothing.

After we finished the games as a group, we were split into two different groups among the grade. One group went to the climbing wall and the other group went to the high ropes course. The climbing wall there was very tall with different areas on it going from harder to climb, to easier to climb.

Near the tall climbing wall was a smaller climbing wall and a house with climbing stones on it. The high robes course was a structure in the air with lines we got to climb across. The lines were very thin but luckily we had harnesses.
At the end of the ropes course was a fun zip-line.

After lunch, the group that went to the climbing wall first, went to the high ropes course and the group that went to the high ropes course went to the climbing wall. James Island County Park was very fun and not only was it fun, it also taught us to work as a team.

White Water Rafting Trip

The 7th and 8th grade at Charleston Day School had so much fun this year going to the white water rafting center in Charlotte. This trip was a time to bond with both the 7th and 8th grade. The students got to school and were so excited. At 11:30, 7th and 8th graders were heading to Charlotte!

After a 4-hour ride we met at the bowling alley and bowled! After that we headed to our hotel, The Holiday Inn. We quickly unpacked with our “roommates” and went to the lobby to go to dinner. We drove to a Mexican restaurant and had dinner together! Then we went back to the hotel and had a fun time with our friends!

We built a lot of memories together! The next day we woke up and had to pack up and get ready to go the The White Water Rafting Center! We had so much fun there together. The Center included ropes course, white water rafting, zip lining and much more! The ropes course was very challenging. After water rafting we were so wet! After a long day packed with bunches fun we headed back for Charleston! The 7th and 8th grade trip was filled with a ton of memories! I cannot wait until next year!



8th Grade:

7th and 8th Grade Trip to France

This June, the seventh and eighth grade classes are having the opportunity to travel to France. A long time ago, the eighth graders went to France and Spain depending on which year it was, but that was changed to Costa Rica and Canada about 4 years ago. This year, they have switched the trips back to France and Spain. Also this year, the seventh grade is allowed to go too. Some people take French and others take Spanish, so by both the eighth and the seventh grades being able to go, the students have the opportunity to go to France, Spain, or both. The trip will be in the beginning of June, and a meeting for the parents and students will be held next week.


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