Variety Show Videos

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Plastic Animals by Zachary

Lacrosse by Robert E.

iPhone 5 by Caroline

Around Town with Sting

Digital Citizenship Theater George and Abraham%27s Internet Safety by collinjkerr

By Collin and Ross Bob Roberts and Dr. LaLa Talk by michaelpi

By Michael, Basil, and Peter

A poem by Penelope:

Silence is golden,
but that can't be right.
for other new riches awake in the night.

The star's shine is bright
and the moon is lit.
The show is beginning
and I must now sit.

The deer in the grass,
and the bear in the tree,
are listenly quietly
to the cricket's symphony.

Yet in the east,
the darkness is fading,
for something I have been patiently waiting.

The night is asleep,
but I don't close my eyes,
for the world is ready
for the sunrise.

You Can't Fool Me!

A flash animation by Mrs. Perry


What do students at CDS like to read?

Chart on what story genres the school prefers