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iPads at Charleston Day School

iPads have just come to Charleston Day School. The iPads are already being used. The fifth and sixth graders have their own set of iPads. The computer lab has iPads for the other grades to use when they have computer class. The primary science class has iPads to learn more about nature and animals.

iPads have been fixed up and downloaded apps for learning. Some apps are taking note apps, graphing apps, Skitch, iBooks, iTunes U, Brain POP, Google Drive, Educreations, and many, many more. If you want to have an iPad you must take very good care of it. The iPads are for a learning tool only and not for playing games or chatting with anyone.


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The assemblies at Charleston Day School are very entertaining for the students and faculty. They take place in the CDS gym at eight o’clock every A day. The assemblies are always a great way to start a new ABCDEF week at school. The Charleston Day headmaster, Mr. O’Shea, usually talks about the upcoming week and what is expected by the students at school. He likes to talk about respect, integrity, scholarship, and responsibility, and how they should be performed by each student. Charleston Day’s three deans also awards three different students for the great things they have done every month. The assemblies talk about upcoming games for sports. Charleston Day assemblies present awards to students who try their hardest and be their very best in sports after every season. The assemblies are so much fun at CDS and I’m sure many students love them.


Winter Middle School Dance

The middle school dances are for the 6th through 8th graders. There are three dances throughout the year which all have a different theme chosen by the eighth graders. Last October, there was a middle school dance which the theme of tacky prom. There is an upcoming dance scheduled for February 22 which is a little over a week after Valentine’s Day. We don’t know what the theme is yet, but the 8th graders will probably tell us in the next assembly. Each student is allowed to invite two people to the dance from different schools. The dances are always fun, and everyone is always excited for the next one.


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Mrs. R’s Missions Trip to Honduras


This past year Mrs. Richardson, along with Kimbo and 19 other Mount Pleasant Presbyterian Church members took a life changing trip to Trinidad de Copan, Honduras. From there, they traveled to four different villages to help with the natives medical and health conditions. They provided medical and dental care to the families.

They also went to help educate the children and to address issues with the healthcare providers. Prescriptions were given out, dentists pulled a lot of infected teeth, and fluoride was given out. Mrs. R was in charge of delivering school supplies, which Charleston Day helped collect, and helping the newly built school. The people were so grateful and appreciative.

Mrs. R became particularly close to one family. The mother’s name was Dolores who had five children, and her husband had died. Dolores traveled everyday with her children to a small piece of land she rented to work. One day on the bus on the way to her land, a man shot her in the back of the head while she was holding the baby. She was living with the bullet in her head until Mrs. R and the other missionaries came. Mrs. R’s favorite memory was the smiling faces of the Honduran families she helped, and she cannot wait to go back.


MUSC Change Bandits

During the month of February, Charleston Day School is teaming up with MUSC Children’s Hospital to raise money to expand the hospital’s research, add more toys and games for the children being treated, and to have more advanced treatments. During this time Charleston Day School students will have the honor of helping others outside of our own CDS community, and using the skills Mrs. Williams is teaching us in Ethics by helping children in need! MUSC choose Charleston Day School because they know that we can help these children, and when we are helping them, will really our best efforts in to it. GO CDS!
Charleston Day School will kick off fundraising for the Change Bandits charity, by having a dress-down-day, where students will bring to the school a donation of any amount for MUSC.
After the dress-down-day, MUSC will bring in four gallon buckets for every classroom at Charleston Day School. During a four week period Charleston Day School students will bring in any change that they would like to donate, and put it in the bucket located in their classroom. At the end of the four weeks, MUSC will collect the buckets from every classroom and count the change from each class. The class with the most change in their bucket will be given the reward of either a pizza party or a dress down day, for all of their hard work. Every piece of change that is donated will help the children at MUSC have a better time while being treated.

By Hadley

Sci-Fi Writing Assignment

In the next two to three weeks the seventh and eighth grade will be engaging in Sci-Fi stories for both language arts and science. They will be writing stories related to science. Like galactic wars, aliens, worm holes, time travel, and or the apocalypse. When they are completed with their assignment, some will be awarded by the teachers in assembly for their works. Most students can’t wait to start their assignment!


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