8th Grade Student/Faculty Basketball Game

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Senior Girls’ Basketball

The Senior Girls’ basketball team is great this year! Friday February 1 is their last home game. It will be the last time the six eighth grade girls on the team will play in the Charleston Day School gym. The five seventh graders can help the eighth grade girls have the best last home game! The eighth graders are Cacky, Macy, Abby, Elizabeth, Lauren, and Julia. The seventh graders are Sara, Rett, Virginia, Caroline, and Sallie. The team would love to have all of the support they can. I don’t see why you wouldn’t want to come because this team is the team to watch. The team works great together and without one teammate, the team seems to be unhappy. After one of the guards, Abby, broke her ankle, the team had to readjust so that they could learn to function without a teammate. On the night of their last game, there will be a list of all of the students who go to Charleston Day. If you go to the game, your name will be highlighted. The class with the most highlighted names will receive a pizza party! Doesn’t that motivate you to go to the game?



The senior girls' basketball team at Charleston Day School have had a wonderful season. Bud Childers, an experienced coach who has worked with many college teams, worked with girls along with Coach Cameron. Coach Childers has coached over 1000 games in his career. The CDS senior girls’ basketball team consists of five 7th graders and six 8th graders. The 7th graders are Virginia, Caroline, Rett, Sallie, and Sara. The 8th graders are Abby, Cacky, Elizabeth, Macy, Lauren, and Julia.The team finished 5-2 and had a wonderful season together. Playing together has made us become closer teammates and become close friends. We have also learned how to work with each other as teammate’s .We have also practiced together and have learned how to play as a team. The 7th grade girls have enjoyed playing with the 8th grade girls this year and love how funny and how encouraging they are. We will miss Abby, Cacky,Elizabeth, Macy, Lauren, and Julia so much next year when they leave Charleston Day for high schools! Overall the senior girls’ basketball team has had a great season together.


Sports Assembly

Vollyball:All grades that played volleyball for Charleston Day have finished their seasons. So now it is time to award the players who gave it all on the court. All the players have improved greatly and for the players that just started to play the sport they learned how to play. The old players have learned more about the sport and have become very skilled at the sport. All the players can do now is practice during the off season for next year. During the sports assembly the players were very proud even they might not have won a medal in the end.

Sailing Club: The Sailing club has been sailing these past few months and have become much better than they were at the beginning of the season. They use the Charleston Community Sailing boats and dock at the Charleston City Marina. They sail in some of charleston's hardest conditions and learn to adapt to the rough conditions. In the sports assembly this tuesday all of the participants were recognized.

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5th and 6th Grade Soccer Team:
The 5th and 6th graders had a great year playing soccer. The players worked together and played very well. For positions on the field, the boys and girls were able to switch and play different ones. Coach Whitney was a very good coach to the players.The 5th and 6th graders were proud of how well they played and had a great season of the sport.

7th and 8th Grade Soccer Team:
The 7th and 8th graders played extremely well throughout the season. For the past two years of playing soccer, the boys and girls on the team only lost two games. Each player practiced hard and were good teammates. For example, Corbin Ellington assisted William Manuel with an excellent goal that the two teammates worked hard to get. Another example is when Carter kicked the ball with his left foot, and then it bounced off the goalpost, and “with one of Eliot’s amazing moments of glory” he kicked it with his left foot into the goal. On the soccer team, a home-schooled boy named Josiah volunteered to be on the Charleston Day School.

CDS Volleyball
5th grade:In the fifth grade they learn to play volleyball competitively and are improving every day. they are playing in intense game with other competitors. They play hard and win games. They also deal with some adversity. When they lose they hold the heads high and congratulate their opponents.

6th grade: In sixth grade the competition gets harder and more skill is needed to play in this league. Good coaching is a must to beat other teams. After the games they show good sportsmanship by the hands of the opposing team. The sixth grade has been working hard to when their games and they might be able to when the championship later in the season.

7th grade: In the seventh grade the competition is rough and it takes lots of practice to do well at this level of playing. The girls pass more and have to have strategic plays in order to win. Whether it is the setter setting the ball to
Sara and Maggie for the spike or it is Jules or Caroline's awesome serves. The girls show great excitement on the court. They are very good athletes and win many of their games
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8th grade: In 8th grade the competition is immensely competitive. Schools going head to head to win a game. All teams practice a lot to become victors in these games. The 8th grade girls need to practice a lot to keep up with the fierce competition.
-Peter and Lebby

Fall Sports Awards Ceremony

On Tuesday, November 13, Charleston Day school had a Fall Sports Awards ceremony to recognize the players that impressed the coaches the most. The coaches picked out two players for the Scorpions award and the Coaches Award. Starting in 4th grade each person gets recognized for the sport they play. The coaches come and give a little speech about this season. Some of the coaches said that they couldn’t wait until next season and see the players grow and become more advanced in playing. The parents come to support their kids that had won the awards. This was a really special time for the coaches and the players. The other players congratulated the person who won. Charleston Day School’s next award ceremony will be for basketball. We can’t wait for the next one!



By: Jules and Caroline

Before the Game:
Are you ready for a nerve racking volleyball game? You may ask who? Where? And when? The volleyball game is Faculty vs. Eighth Grade Students, which is going to be close for sure! This exciting game will also be in the Charleston Day school gym. The game will be on Friday Oct. 12 at 11:15. What should you wear? Depending on your team wear either red or blue. We asked Coach Whetzel, “Are you ready for the volleyball game?”, and his response, “ I was born ready”.

After The Game:
It was a close game but the 8th Graders came in with a victory. The students were screaming and cheering their hearts out. Sting ran across the court and started break dancing. Everyone loves Sting!! The 8th grade girls helped win the game with amazing spikes and serves. The 8th grade boys contributed with their amazing blocks and saves. This volleyball game will never be forgotten. Even Mr. O’Shea said, “This game will never be forgotten because the 8th graders have strong skills.”

This year we had a new basketball coach join the cds family. His name is Coach Bud Childers and he teaches the senior girls basketball team. Before moving to Charleston, he came here, thirty years ago, on vacation and decided to move back here when he stopped coaching college basketball. Before he came here to work at CDS he coached for Cumberland University, Louisville, Winthrop, Murray State, James Madison, and The University of Southern Mississippi. His favorite team that he coached, in college, was the first he ever coached, Cumberland University. They were rated second in the nation and went to the national championships. His favorite coaching moment was when he was coaching Louisville. His small five foot five point guard with six seconds left on the clock, ran down the court and made a game winning layup around the six foot center just as the buzzer sounded. He recalled that this victory was even more special because the game before they were in the same situation and she had missed the layup. His best victory was in 1993 when his team, The University of Louisville, upset Connecticut at a home game. That day Connecticut lost its only home game to the coach’s team. I hope that he will be welcomed here at CDS and will stay for quite some time.

-Sallie Lawrence

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