CDS Art Show

CDS is having it’s annual art show April 14 at the Memminger Auditorium! This art show is the time when CDS’ artists get to shine. Students choose their best completed artwork to be put into the show. Many different mediums such as drawings, paintings, sculptures are displayed at the show. All grades are allowed to enter.
Rules to enter in your artwork:
· Turn it in to Mr. Welborn by April 11
· Artwork must be created at CDS
· Must be complete and not done quickly at the last minute
· Must have an entry tag
· At most 4 artworks from each student
For more information about the art show go to Mr. Welborn.
-Gwen Check for artwork~

Art is appreciated in the seventh grade classroom. Eliza, Gwen, and Robert are the most committed to art, and some others enjoy drawing, such as Mena and Lawton.

Eliza and Gwen love to draw their own characters. They enjoy creating new species of animals and creating stories for them, but mainly draw them. Also, they often work on perfecting their technique, such as shading and the line work. Lawton traces and takes inspiration from Nintendo’s artists. Robert likes to draw cats, and works on comics that make everyone smile.

There are two main types of (visual) art: digital and traditional. Traditional is drawing or painting, and digital is on the computer. Digital is drawn using a mouse or a tablet, which is like a pad you can draw on using a certain type of pen. The marks you make show up on the computer screen, but not on the actual tablet.

In both of these types of art, there are some steps. First, you sketch. This is a rough outline of your final product, and is drawn lightly. It does not have to be perfect. Second, you neaten your sketch. Make slightly darker and harder lines over your rough sketch you drew earlier over where you want your line work to be. Third, draw your line work, also known as “line art.” This is where you draw hard and dark lines for your outline of your drawing. Fourth, color it. Fifth, shade it. Shading is where you color in darker on the shadows, so it gives the drawing a 3-dimentional look. Now you’re finished!
le Cest de Virgini by Gwen

Eliza's Artwork

How to draw animal heads