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Good programs to make a video

1. Jing – Jing is a program where you can take pictures of the screen on the computer. This is a good program because you can attach the picture to the email. On Jing it is also possible to take videos. However, you cannot take videos of videos or any program that uses controls. You cannot type on the videos or run programs. Jing is helpful because with programs like, where you do not have to redraw everything because you took a picture of your drawing.

2. This program is an advanced version of paint where instead of having to erase everything, you click on the side where it shows what you have done. This will delete that certain line. Also the use of layers allows you to cut trace over a drawing. This is very useful considering the fact that you can change drawings a little bit at a time, without deleting everything.

3. Paint – This is the basic program for drawing. With paint, you can draw like you are drawing on real paper. The only problem is that when you erase, you may erase things that you don’t want to.

4. Microsoft word (Yes Microsoft word)- Believe it or not, but Microsoft word is a very good program for beginner drawers. The ability to insert lines and shapes is good, but the real helpful ability is to reselect and change the Shape after it has been deselected. This is helpful due to the fact that you do not have to redraw every detail and make sure you do not miss something.

Easy pictures
No good videos, if not updated, unable to share
Layers, easy to erase one line
Hard to understand
Easy to understand
Cannot erase one line only
Microsoft word
Able to reselect lines and shapes
Not very many options, unable to free draw